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Known as “The Hammock Coast”, this pristine coastal area between Myrtle Beach and Charleston offers a different perspective on coastal living. Outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs fall in love with this area of the Grand Strand due to the miles and miles of natural outdoor beauty and over 300 years of colorful history. Along the miles of un-crowded, spacious beaches on the Atlantic Ocean are several vibrant and thriving communities each distinctively its own. 
Pawley’s Island is known as the “cradle” of the Hammock coast popular for its “original Pawley’s Island Hammock”. “Arrogantly Shabby” is the term of endearment that locals claim for Pawley’s Island. Located 70 miles north of Charleston and 25 miles south of Myrtle Beach, this area of the Grand Strand is known for being the oldest summer resort on the East Coast. While retaining it’s carefree, barefoot type of living, Pawley’s Island has become a thriving business center and popular location for those retiring or investing in coastal real estate.
Litchfield Beach lies just three miles to the north of Pawley’s Island. Originally settled in the 1700’s, it became known as an actual unincorporated community in the early 1970’s. Known for its world class golf courses, quaint shops and natural sparsely populated beach, Litchfield has become a destination point for those seeking that relaxing get away place along the Grand Strand.
Murrells Inlet is widely known as the Seafood Capital of South Carolina.  Outside enthusiasts love the half mile long marsh walk with its expansive views of the inlet marsh.  Home to the infamous Brookgreen Gardens and Huntington Beach State Park’s Famous bird sanctuary, this area of the Grand Strand attracts nature lovers from every walk of life. 
South of Pawleys Island is the historic City of Georgetown, the county seat of the southern area of the Grand Strand. The third oldest city in South Carolina founded in 1729, and home of the first European settlement in North America in 1526, Georgetown is known for warm Southern hospitality and charm.
From the years of early settlement, through the Revolutionary War and up to the onset of the Civil War, Georgetown flourished with the area’s major crops of Indigo and rice. Prior to the Revolution, the British Parliament encouraged the production of indigo with a bounty. The ready market for the blue dye enabled planters to make large fortunes quickly. By 1840, the Georgetown County produced nearly one-half of the total rice crop of the United States and the port exported more rice than any port in the world. The local variety called “Carolina Gold” was in demand worldwide. In the early 1900’s, rice was replaced by the production of lumber.
Georgetown’s trials, tribulations and history have helped to create its charm.
The City has many historical homes and cottages for sale downtown or along one of the five rivers that border this area of the Grand Strand. 
Our professional real estate agents are ready to help you explore the real estate opportunities in Georgetown, Pawleys Island, Litchfield and Murrells Inlet.

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