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Meet Charles and Annette Wrenn, North Myrtle Beach real estate agent

North Myrtle Beach real estate agents Charles and Annette Wrenn


Hello again!  We are back and excited to introduce you to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living’s first beach real estate sales team, the Charles and Annette Team.  They are a husband-wife team who just relocated here from Richmond, Virginia.  Charles and Annette were both born and raised in the Richmond, Virginia area, where they met and married.  Charles and Annette have 4 children—1 boy and 3 girls—ranging in ages from 19 to 28. 

Charles and Annette have 55 years of sales and finance experience between them.  That is an excellent combination of skills for our Charles and Annette Team to bring with them to sell our beautiful Myrtle Beach real estate.  They were both working in the automotive business.  Charles started with a company in 1988 and remained there for 28 years, rising the ranks until he was eventually Vice President with over 150 employees.  Annette also worked in the automotive business in finance for 27 years.  During their tenure working in sales and finance, they learned the meaning of hard work and the true definition of customer satisfaction. 

Charles and Annette visited North Myrtle Beach, SC as often as possible while working in Virginia. They enjoyed renting Myrtle Beach oceanfront properties for sale while reveling in the climate, beautiful beaches, and other amenities that Myrtle Beach has to offer.  While weathering the cold climate in Virginia, they dreamed often of relocating to North Myrtle Beach and owning their own piece of Myrtle Beach real estate.  When they retired, they made that dream come true. 

Today, Charles and Annette own and live in North Myrtle Beach real estate and love their new home.  They thoroughly enjoy walks along the beach, bike rides, shopping at the outlets, and listening to the many different bands that perform on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach.

It sounds like the Charles and Annette team have cultivated the skills they need to be an excellent Myrtle Beach real estate agent sales team.  We are happy to welcome them to our beach real estate sales team at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Livingin North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Let’s find out how the Charles and Annette Team feel their newly-formed Myrtle Beach real estate business is progressing.


Charles and Annette Wrenn North Myrtle Beach real estate agents

Q: Charles and Annette, tell me a little about your former work experience and how you feel it makes the two of you a great fit for North Myrtle Beach real estate sales?

A:  I come from an automotive background.  I started out in sales at the age of 22.  Shortly thereafter I was promoted to sales manager, then to general sales manager and ultimately, vice president which came with ownership in the business.  When I was 48, we sold to a local buyer, at that point I decided to retire from the automotive business and begin a new career in real estate.  I have over 28 years of sales, business & marketing experience. 

My wife started at a young age in the automotive business and soon became a finance manager specializing in the subprime market.  Annette has over 27 years of automotive finance experience.   Having so many years of experience in marketing, sales and finance makes it easier for us to transition into the beach real estate sales business.  We feel this is a great fit and living in North Myrtle Beach real estate is an added bonus.

Q:  Why did the two of you decide to create a team instead of selling Myrtle Beach real estate as individuals? 

A:  My wife and I decided the best service we could give was to give the service of two for the price of one.  We enjoy working together and felt that two people working together in harmony for a common goal would serve our clients the best and give them a more satisfying experience when buying or selling Myrtle Beach real estate.

Q:  Do you feel as the Charles and Annette Team, you have an advantage rather than being individual agents?  If so, why?

A:  We are sure the two of us working together will serve our clients professionally, efficiently and with great personal service.  The number one complaint from clients with real estate agents is the lack of follow up.   A client of the Charles and Annette team will never have this problem.

Q:  There are many North Myrtle Beach real estate and Myrtle Beach real estate agencies located in North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach area, but your team chose BHGRE.  Why?

A:  There are many beach real estate agencies in the market, but we felt the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Livingnameplate was strong and carried a reputable name in the market place.

Q:  How does or will you market yourselves to a potential client that causes them to choose your team to represent them?

A:  We will market ourselves as a team.  Basically, a two-person team for the price of one.  We will also invest in a professional real estate website dedicated to our customers.  This site will have numerous features including MLS search, and a Value Your Home link. 

Q:  Does your team prefer to sell North Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos for sale, beach homes for sale, houses for sale in Myrtle Beach or land for sale in Myrtle Beach?

A:  We will specialize in all the markets—buyers, sellers, homes and condos.

Q:  As a North Myrtle Beach real estate agent team, what do you like best about the job?

A:  We love helping make our clients’ dreams come true. The fact that every day we get the opportunity to see the Atlantic Ocean.  We hope we can pass this dream to all of our customers.

Q:  As a North Myrtle Beach real estate agent team at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living, you do not have set office hours, so you have to be self-motivated.  What motivates the two of you?

A:  We both come from an environment where success was viewed on a monthly basis.  The drive we both had to be successful in our previous career will be passed along to our new career in beach real estate.  We both learned that the customer dictates success and customer satisfaction trumps all.  We will take the 55 plus years of Sales experience between us and put that to work for all our clients.

Q:  When your team lists North Myrtle Beac real estate for a client in the area, what means of marketing do you find most valuable in reaching other realtors and potential clients?

A.  I have personally spent the better part of my career in marketing and I know what it takes to sell a product.  Most agents are not willing to invest the money to market and sell their homes.  My wife and I understand marketing and will invest the money to sell our listings.  First, we will invest the money in professional pictures and 3D videography.  We will also invest the money in local neighborhood marketing and will mine the massive database of Better Homes and Gardens to match customers with properties. Rest assured, our goal is to sell our clients property and will do whatever is necessary to make that happen. 

Q:  How will your team create your client base?

A:  My wife and I are in the process of creating a website that will have over 100 pages of local information that enables the buyer/seller to learn everything they need to know about the North Myrtle Beach market.  We have one of the best content writers in North Myrtle Beach to assist us with this task.

Q:  What does your team find most rewarding about your job as a North Myrtle Beach real estate agent team for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living?

A:  We know what is to sit around and dream about living in a beach home or oceanfront condo in North Myrtle Beach.  For years, we dreamed and talked about coming to North Myrtle Beach.  We hope that we can make this dream come true for everyone who seeks the same vision as we did for many years. 

The Charles and Annette Team have the skills, knowledge and passion to find you the exact Myrtle Beach real estate for sale that you are searching for.  If you want the Charles and Annette Team to buy or sell North Myrtle Beach real estate for you, give them a call at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Elliott Coastal Living in North Myrtle Beach, SC at 843-280-5704.